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14042011042-001aMy work reflects a passionate interest in the natural world. I like creatures with a bit of ‘attitude’ and aim to create bold, lively images. I see my work as a celebration of my love for the natural world and try to capture a feeling of movement, vitality and humour in my pictures.

I specialize in relief printmaking (plus the occasional painting and ceramic) and I carve my blocks out of MDF using lino cutting tools. Each is then printed by hand using oil-based printing ink, making each piece from the same block unique.

To produce each print the block is printed a number of times. First the lighter colours are printed, then the block is inked up each time with the darker colours and a rag is used to wipe away the area which is to remain light. The darker colours are then progressively printed on top of the lighter colours, a process which requires precise registration. The number of colours, usually two or three, has been as many as ten (Tetbury Church)

I studied geography at St John’s College Oxford. I graduated with a 2.1 and received a college prize and a first class for my dissertation on Aboriginal land rights. My time spent with an aboriginal community in Western Australia was very significant and its influence feeds into my art.
After my degree I decided to go back to the drawing board literally and took an access course at Stroud College in art. I then established myself as an artist specializing in printmaking in a studio in Nailsworth with help from the Princes Youth Business Trust.

I now have a studio in Brimscombe, Stroud and am a member of the Cotswold Craftsmen. Through the guild I exhibit at many shows and continue to exhibit widely in various galleries. My work is permanently on show at the Cotswold Craftsmen Gallery in Market Street, Nailsworth.

Many of my images are also available as cards which are proving to be very popular.

I live in Tetbury with my twin daughters and three cats and enjoy playing lots of musical instruments and singing in the Parish Church choir.

Nat Morley

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