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…20th April 2017

Josephine Lay will be reading an extract from her excellent first novel, ‘The Over 50s Escort Agency’ at the Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival on Saturday 22nd April 2017, contemporary fiction from 4:00pm.

…23rd February 2017

Publication1-Inside Reality-300-a

Publication1-Inside Reality-300-a


My new poetry book entitled, ‘Inside Reality’.

Available from






…14th January 2016

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Just to let you know that the
hardback version of,
is now available from,


Kindle, digital version available to download from Amazon.
Paperback version available from Amazon and all major booksellers worldwide.


…4th January 2016

Wishing a very Happy New Year to all those who have read my book,‘The over 50s Escort Agency’ and to everyone who has liked my page.
If you really like the book please spread the word far and wide, that “Stan’s the man”.
“Stan’s the man” is a quote from one of my readers…


…15th July 2015

My novel ‘The Over 50′s Escort Agency’

Kindle version available to download, from any Amazon website worldwide.  No Kindle?  Download the free kindle reader from Amazon for your phone, tablet or computer.

Paperback version available to order from (Publishing), and, in fact most Amazon Sites Worldwide.

Also from Waterstones, Blackwells & other Bookshops in the UK.  And Barnes & Noble (USA)


…24th June 2015

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Stop Press:

Both the Paperback Edition and the Kindle (Digital Download) Edition are now available on,



…23rd June 2015

2015-06-22 18.07.13b


We are pleased to announce that the paperback version of my novel is now in the distribution process and should be available worldwide by the beginning of August 2015.

However, it is available now on ‘FeedARead’




… 21st June 2015

Look out for an announcement coming Tuesday!

In the meantime my novel ‘The Over 50s Escort Agency’ is available digitally from Amazon sites worldwide.
Please share if you are happy to do so…
Also please follow and retweet ‘@JosephineLay_’ on twitter.


… 16th June 2015

I now have an official Twitter account. Follow ‘@JosephineLay_’  for updates on me and my recently published novel ‘The Over 50s Escort Agency’.


… 12th June 2015

We received proofs of the ‘paperback’ edition of ‘The over 50′s Escort Agency’, and have done some corrections. We are now awaiting the revised proofs for approval before publishing the paperback. More on this soon.
All revisions have also been uploaded to the Kindle edition and provided you have your Kindle Account set to ‘Automatic updates’, your Kindle copy should update in due course.


… 17th May 2015

Just pointing out that ‘The Over 50′s Escort Agency’ is a ‘book’.
As there has been a bit of confusion by some people thinking it was something else!
Digital version still available to download at the intruductory price till June.
Printed paperback due out in July.


… 30th April 2015

What amazing response. Thank you everyone who has downloaded the book, we hope you are enjoying it. Thanks also for the wonderful comments on here and by text, phone and in person.
Josephine flew back from Greece last night and is really happy with the response.
Thank you Eileen for the first review on Amazon. Such a good one too.
It would be good if we could get some more on there. You need to scroll down the Amazon page to the review bit.


… 26th April 2015

The secret is out….
We are pleased to announce the digital publication of Josephine Lay’s exciting new book.

Available for kindle from any Amazon website, worldwide.

Details of printed copy, release party and book signings to follow


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