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…3rd July 2016


I am pleased to announce the publication of, redbootsman ‘Such Strange Philosophies’.  This is a collection of songs, poems and other writings covering a period from 1969 to 2015

Paperback version (ISBN: 9781786109255) available to order from (Publishing), and, in fact most Amazon Sites Worldwide.  Also from Waterstones, Blackwells & other Bookshops/Wholesalers in the UK.  And Barnes & Noble etc. (USA)





…12th December 2015

Rusty Clapped Out Christmas - 2015

Rusty Clapped Out Christmas – 2015









…07th December 2014

Have a very merry 'Minecraft' Christmas

Have a very merry ‘Minecraft’ Christmas – 2014











…3rd April 2014

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014

I am writing to express my disappointment with the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition online submission system for this year.

I have been a friend of the Royal Academy for about 3 years now and I don’t expect that to bring me any privileges beyond avoiding queues for tickets, the use of the friend’s room, the magazine etc.

However, last year (2013), having been inspired, I decided to enter a picture myself. I bought my entrance form, duly filled it in and posted it off. On the due date I, along with thousands of other artists came up to London, joined the queue of hopefuls at the back of Burlington House. We joked, made friends, exchanged stories; some had been successful in the past! Eventually I reached the head of the queue and my picture was handed in and taken off into the Academy to await its fate. Then off to the pub to share a glass or two with new acquaintances. In time I learned I was unsuccessful, so another trip to London, waiting with the other artists in a similar position to collect my picture, but nonetheless there was a feeling we had been part of this wonderful institution, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition!

Now we come to 2014. I decided that I wanted to be part of this great thing again. So, I purchased my online entrance form; photographed my new picture and submitted it online. Time passed and on the day of reckoning, after the Royal Academy had sorted out a computer glitch, I was informed that I was unsuccessful!  I felt somewhat deflated! Not because my picture had not been chosen, but because I felt side-lined by the process. It was an individual lonely experience, no camaraderie, in fact nothing!

I know that most art exhibitions are entered digitally nowadays, but the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition is not most exhibitions! Surely there is a place for history and ritual in this technological age?  I know that some will have been invited to take their pictures for a second round, but for the rest of us, What?

The dropping off of one’s picture, knowing that it is actually within the hallowed walls being judged in the same way that great art has been over the years made you feel part of that history and even if you were unsuccessful it was enough. For me that has been taken away and I believe in doing so it has devalued the strength of ‘The Summer Exhibition’!

Peter Lay,  3rd April 2014

~ This letter was sent to The Royal Academy, The Artist Magazine & The New Statesman Magazine.

~ I received a letter from The Royal Academy to the effect that whilst they might have some sympathy with my views, this was the way of the future!

~ The letter was published in full by The Artist Magazine in their July 2014 edition.

~ Nothing from The New Statesman!




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